LCFD NEFFA Food Booth  -  April 20 - 22

Spring is here and that means it's time for the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA) where there is 3 days of dancing, singing, and other folkie activities and the opportunity for LCFD to feed the masses and raise money for our programs and affiliates!  The NEFFA festival is April 20, 21 & 22 and takes place in at the Qualters Middle and High School in Mansfield, MA.  

The LCFD Food booth is the most popular food booth at the festival.  Volunteering at the food booth is fun.  You get to interact with a lot of nice people and provide them with delicious food, which makes them happy.  It's also a potential source of lots of money for our local dances; last year we raised $4.900.  As a volunteer, you get to designate which dance(s) receive funds proportional to the number of hours you volunteer in the booth.

To make the food booth work, we need about 40 volunteers. (Food booth shifts are two-and-a-half to three hours.) If you're planning to volunteer, now is the time to let us know!  Below is a list of the time slots and the minimum number of volunteers we need for each shift. For those of you who don't live in New England, a few locals have offered to provide housing for food booth volunteers. The work includes serving, collecting money, replenishing containers, and miscellaneous odd jobs. Fear not, you won’t have to wash dishes - the school cafeteria staff does that.

If you'd like to help out at the food booth, you can signup here.
If you have any questions about it, please send Robert Coren  a note at