Camp Registration for LCFD Fall Dance Camp     Oct 18-20, 2019

30th Anniversary Dance Camp for LGBTQIA+ folks and friends

YMCA Chimney Corners Camp
748 Hamilton Rd, Becket, MA 01224

Contras called by Bob Isaacs            
English Country dancing  by Tom Amessé

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.59.52 AM

Music by The Turning Stile
      Joanne Garton (fiddle), Aaron Marcus (piano, concertina, foot percussion, banjo), 
Alex Kehler (fiddle, nyckelharpa, låtmandola)

 6 meals, 2 nights accommodation -  lots of dancing and other activities at a lovely site

All genders welcome and celebrated

A frangrance-free event

"Larks & Ravens"

Dates and Fees (first amount if by check, second if by PayPal)            

(by Sept 22)

(Between Sept 23 & Oct 13)

(After Oct 13)


$305 / $312.17

$325 / $327.51

$350 / $353.07

Work Exchange or Student

$190 / $194.58

$200 / $204.81

$210 / $215.03

Scholarships available for Work Exchange; $50 minimum / $51.43 minimum to be paid by Camper.
Cancellation by  Oct 13: full refund;
Cancellation penalty after Oct 13:  $100 for regular,  $50 for student/work-exchange; 
       may be applied as a credit for a 2020 camp. 
First time campers get a $25 discount.

Please pay in full or a minimum deposit of $100 / $102.56,    $50 / $51.43 for student/work-exchange. 
If you pay the deposit 
only then we expect you to pay the balance at camp. 

If paying by check, make check payable to LCFD and mail to:
Den Collins, Registrar                
                 15 Frevert Place           
                 Hicksville, NY  11801


This fall marks the 30th anniversary of LCFD sponsoring gender-free dancing! As always, all programming is queer-friendly, gender-neutral, and designed to create a safe and welcoming space for all LGBTQIA+ folks, our close friends, and allies. Our facilities are set up to celebrate and welcome trans, non-binary, and all other gender identities. Activities focus on Contra dancing, but we supplement the program with English Country dancing and occasionally waltzing and other folk dances. Music is also a huge part of the weekend, and a live band accompanies nearly all programs in the main dance hall. There are opportunities for singing and jamming, so feel free to bring your own instrument and/or voice. If you have other talents you’d like to practice, teach, or share, we welcome that, too!

Attire is super casual, but we do encourage a fun costume for Saturday night. (Some folks also don a string of pearls or elbow-length gloves to add a “campy" note to Sunday morning English Country dancing.) Please make sure to bring both dance and outside shoes/boots, so that we keep dirt to a minimum on the dance floor. You do not need to bring a dance partner; we encourage everyone to try dancing with different people throughout the weekend.

Dancing usually begins Friday at 7:30pm and wraps up on Sunday at 3:30pm. Please arrive no earlier than 5:00pm Friday, unless you are doing Work Exchange and are designated for early arrival.


The final schedule may not be ready for posting until a few weeks before camp. However, you can expect dancing opportunities pretty much non-stop with breaks for eating and sleeping. The program is organized as a single, main track in the dance hall, with part-time alternate tracks during the day on Saturday. We stage a variety show after dinner on Saturday evening, followed by a community-wide dance styled as a light-hearted costume ball. For the variety show, anyone can perform a skit, song, poem, story, comedy, or other talent solo or in a group; sign-ups are usually Saturday at lunchtime.

Contra dances are at all levels of experience. We typically offer a Saturday workshop for beginners to polish up skills, and each contra dance is usually taught with a walk-through at the beginning. English Country dances also involve a walk-through, and no experience is required for anyone to come to camp and have fun.

Throughout the weekend we have non-dancing breakout-room activities. It is largely up to the attending campers to propose and lead these, so feel free to propose (and lead) an event after you get to camp. Write to Chris Ricciotti in advance if you would like to make a specific suggestion or to ask a programming question. In the past, supplemental activities have included shape-note and round singing, workshops for beginning callers or dance composers, twelve-step and other support or discussion groups, music jam sessions, giant soap bubbles, frisbee, crafts, boardgames, etc. We always have snacks and button-making, and depending on the weather and camp availability, there may be boating, lake swimming, nature walks, and relaxing by a bonfire or in the sauna. Camp Chimney Corners is a lovely spot to enjoy quiet time to yourself or to socialize with old and newly met friends.

Campsite & Housing

Chimney Corners Camp is in Western Massachusetts.  This is a YMCA camp that hosts groups throughout the year. Our main dance hall is in a building that has the snack room, the boot room, bathrooms, and space for other activities..  Accommodations are dorm style with bunk beds, in heated buildings and unheated cabins. We offer options for gender-free and gendered housing and facilities. 

We invite everyone to make requests about housing when you register (location, whom with, etc.); we’ll do our best to accommodate, in order by time of registration (including deposit). Requests based on medical needs get priority—let us know about that when you make the request.

For those who are flying in from out of town, we can supply you with the bedding basics (sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, washcloth)  if needed. Mark this on your registration form. 


We welcome attendees of all abilities. Camp Chimney Corners is an accommodating venue with all key spaces wheelchair accessible, including the dance hall (ramp directly into hall), dining hall (paved, level entrance; facility all on one level), activities rooms (well-packed gravel path leads to button-making room, shoes/clothes changing room, and snack room), and dormitory (up to 6 accessible beds will be reserved for those who need them in dorm with ramp entrance, easy vehicle access, and wheelchair accessible bathroom). Note that the dining hall has wheelchair accessible, single occupancy bathrooms on the same level, but that the dance hall does require wheelchair users to take a packed gravel path around the building to access a wheelchair accessible, single occupancy bathroom; there is one set of stairs from within the dance hall to the bathrooms downstairs). Also note that volunteers will be happy to assist all attendees of all abilities to ensure everyone feels welcome and enjoys the weekend. Please contact registrar at with any questions.

Meals & Dietary Accomodations

Six scheduled meals are included with lots of varied snacks in between. Meals accommodate a wide range of dietary needs with core dishes and alternatives for vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and other diets. Dishes do not typically have written labels, but kitchen staff are happy to provide a detailed list of ingredients for everything provided, and camp cooks are always happy to answer questions or accommodate any needs not listed herein. Please note any special dietary needs on the registration form.

Note that our weekend begins with a rolling dinner buffet on Friday, since not everyone arrives at the same time. The last meal provided is lunch on Sunday afternoon.

We Are Fragrance-Free

Don’t bring scented products (deodorants, soaps, perfumes, etc.). People have varying levels of chemical sensitivity, and in close quarters these scents will make some dancers ill. Unscented products win the day and are actually a key part of creating a safe and welcoming space for all. We remind you about this on the registration form.

Ride Sharing

Campers need rides. Some fly in, others are naturally footpowered. Please be a kind soul and mark on your registration form your willingness to drive. We publish a list of people offering and needing rides, so that the riders can contact drivers. Riders will call you in plenty of time to arrange the favor.

Camp Directory

A camp directory is published with the contact information of other campers; you can also indicate if you are willing to host out-of-town dancers coming to a local dance. The directory is not published or allowed to be distributed elsewhere. If you want to be left out of the directory, mark that on your registration form; if you want only some information printed, please indicate that.

Donations & Scholarships

LCFD is a nonprofit organization under the umbrella of the Country Dance and Song Society's (CDSS) 501(c)(3) status, and is able to offer scholarships funded by contributions by other members. The generosity of our friends has helped keep camp solvent. You can make a donation by entering an amount on the registration form.

Scholarships are limited and are avail­able on a first-come-first-served basis. Please pay as much as you can, and register for work exchange. We don’t want to turn anyone away from camp for lack of funds. If you have questions, please contact our treasurer, John Gintell.

If you have other questions about camp or if you are having problems with on-line registration, contact Den
    via email to
    or telephone:  516-935-3913

If paying via credit card, PayPal charges us a 2.2% fee + .30 so we’d appreciate it if you’d add the appropriate amount to your payment. The table above shows the correct amount for the full fees and minimum. If you submit something else then payment equals (your amount + .30) / .978